Who is Rebel

Rebel Arkitekt is the brainchild of Florence Ma and the culmination of a 20-year journey around the world and back to her roots in Hong Kong.

The story started in the UK. At the age of 16 where, as most kids her age were hanging around not doing much in the local backfields, she spent her summer as an architectural intern.

The years went by finally graduating in Scotland as a chartered UK Architect (ARB, RIBA, RIAS) with an array of qualifications and prestigious accolades. The RIBA President’s Medal(s) Student award and RIAS Silver Medal Student award to name just a couple.

As she moved through the world of architecture working for well-established firms on the way, she honed her skills in a multitude of specialties. At every stage, improving, refining, and expanding as the journey moved around the world.

Then as society started to collapse, the population divided and the economy on the rocks, a virus deadlier than imagined began to rear its ugly face.

Life became one long zoom call.

Now was time…Now was time to go it alone.

A Rebel was born!

What We Do

We design and implement with a strong emphasis on good project management, a skill set all too often overlooked and undervalued. Proper project management can be the difference between realising an amazing design and everyone crying on the floor in horrified disappointment.

There are architects, there are designers and there are project managers. Rebel Arkitekt is all three and brings all these skills to the table. You can have them together or mix and match.

We don’t own a construction company or furniture shop and will source materials from individual vendors according to need and not what we have in stock.

We won’t bombard you with stock images and off the shelf designs or up sell other related products you don’t need.

We want to transform your space and build something awesome with you!

Why Choose Rebel

Let’s be honest. Whether you are a big company, a small business or private individual, building anything is a royal pain in the backside. The process a minefield full of unexpected problems and headaches. At Rebel Arkitekt we really have been there and done it. A level of experience you simply can’t buy or make up.

Problems you say? Who needs them or wants them? No one does, but anyone who says there won’t be any is probably lying. How you deal with those problems and the people involved is what sets you apart. The ability to take a step back, take a different angle and follow a different path. Everyone likes to see an amazing design on paper or a fancy 3D rendering, it’s how you implement those designs in the real world to make it happen that makes the difference.

On brief, on time, on budget. This is everyone’s requirement. We understand this, we understand expectations and we understand timelines. We also know that the needs of both the client and the vendor are equally important for success, so we allow space for each party to work together.

We speak the language of the contractor and can communicate effectively spotting the risks and issues as they happen, pushing back before it is too late. At the same time, we can empathise with the client and if it looks like it’s all about to go completely nuts, we are able to explain and reassure in these moments of doubt and anxiety.

Do you know how much it is all supposed to cost or who will need to be involved to deliver? Who is doing what or how they are doing it? Well, you don’t have to. We design and manage the whole process so you don’t have to.

Although we can offer an all-in-one service of Architecture, Interior Design and Project Management we also offer each of these services out individually. The bonus is that each individual service is still supported by the knowledge and experience of the others.

Most of all at the end of the day we are good people who want to get things done in the best possible way.

Who doesn’t want to work with these kinds of people?