Project Description

Maxim’s Catering Group, the largest F&B group in Hong Kong appointed Rebel Arkitekt to re-model the existing store by designing their first collaboration concept Japanese restaurant, “DONDONYA x TORIKAI” specialising in authentic award-winning Nagoya donburi.

Interior Design + Branding Requirement
Operations Enhancement

New Layout

Original Layout

Seating layout and circulation enhancement

One of the criteria was to enhance the dining experience and circulation with minimal disruption. Hence, we kept the existing zones as they are and created different seating arrangements i.e. long booth seating for large groups, semiprivate island booth seating for smaller groups and causal 2- seaters.

A sliding folding screen was introduced to divide the dining area into two separate spaces, giving flexibility to the layout usage. The rear dining area can be closed off to reduce energy consumption when the occupancy level is less than 50%. It can also be used for private functions and serves as the resting area for staff during breaks.

The overall seating arrangement and circulation are now much more defined and efficient compared to the former layout.


The intention was to create a material palette that reflects the Japanese authenticity in a contemporary way. Moreover, we want to invoke contrast among the finishes for example the interplay of natural wood against the shiny black metal, the textured grey slate tiles vs. smooth playful terrazzo and purple fabric vs. brown leather for the chairs.

Key Design Features

To fulfil the Client’s brief and address their concerns, we came up with unique design solutions;

Focal Points
Focal Points