M Kitchen

Project Description:

The Client commissioned Rebel Arkitekt to design their first flagship restaurant specialising in modern Asian fusion cuisine in Hong Kong. We invited our talented design partner, The Design Wall to join forces.

Keen to create something fun, playful and more importantly a memorable identity for M Kitchen. We undertook the branding development in addition to interior design. This offered a unified language expressing the essence of the business. From the look and feel of space and materiality to logo, slogans, tableware, menu, uniform and business cards etc. We believe consistency is vital to establishing a successful brand.

The story of M Kitchen is inspired by the interesting history, culture and the genius loci of Hong Kong. A cosmopolitan city where East meets West, fusion of old and new, an urban jungle nestled beneath the lush mountains and surrounded by water. A nation who loves food!

The intention is to create a space that brings out the essence of this city. To showcase the colonial classic with contemporary twist. To invoke a sense of serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. The place to be where one can kick back and relax, enjoy the delicious food, rejuvenate and feel good – A breath of fresh air!

The essence of M Kitchen is reflected through means of materiality and spatial arrangement. A palette of natural materials and native botanical specimens were carefully selected to create feeling of being away on holiday – gentleness, comfort, warmth and relaxation.