The Zen Home

Project Description

“Many thanks for building my dream home. Excellent time management, design and quality” – The Zen Home Client

Rebel Arkitekt was commissioned to provide interior design and project management consultancy services for a family apartment in West Kowloon. 

Before the creative process commenced, we discussed extensively with our Client, a young family of four to find out what constitutes a dream home and how they would like to live and use the space.

The manifesto is loud and clear. Less is more. It is all about Zen and go with the flow. They envision living in a white space that is clutter free with plenty of storage, easy to maintain, functional, spacious, serene and flows in harmony.

In Hong Kong one might think simple is boring, a white canvas says nothing. This is no typical design brief and we embraced the unorthodox. We believe minimalism can still be beautiful, sophisticated and functional. Our goal was to deliver this vision. 

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Spatial Arrangement

The general layout arrangement including placement and orientation of furniture, fixtures, door location and opening are based on the Feng Shui requirement given by the Client.


Smart Home Technology

The apartment is connected to a smart home system which allows our Client to control appliances, thermostats, lighting and other devices remotely using a smartphone or tablet through an internet connection. The home automation provides a great deal of convenience and energy and cost savings.


A sophisticated palette of materials was carefully selected to create a unique identity of this dream home. The clever interplay of various white tones for the backdrop and the beautiful Italian timber patterned floor tiles set the scene. Accent materials such as antique bronze, light beige marble and ambient lighting highlight the space and detailing of bespoke cabinets and millwork.

Form + Movement

Most cabinets have round rim, a feminine form representing softness, creating fluidity in space and movement. The dimmable mood lighting enhances the form and giving a sense of lightness to the otherwise bulky looking fixtures.


“To create a focal point for the main living space and master bedroom, we designed a feature wall that arches at the top. Its form is organic, tactile, visually intriguing yet subtle. The wall finishes in special Italian paint; the shimmery velvet effect is appealing and elegant. The LED ambient lighting along the arched lip further accentuates the form and blurs the edge between ceiling and wall.”

–  Florence Ma, Founder of Rebel Arkitekt

Children’s Bedrooms

Each boy’s bedroom has its own fantasy theme that they specifically requested i.e. Star Wars and a Games Room. A unique opportunity for any child to decide on the appearance of their own bedroom but also fun and entertaining from a design perspective.


“We love our new home as we get to have our own bedroom. With pull-out beds, our friends can stay for sleep overs and play games in teams. They are envious that our room looks so different from theirs as we have our special theme.”

– The boys


Kitted out with the state-of-the-art cooking appliances and double fridges. The storage space is fully optimised by having high and low-level cupboards. While the finish for the under counter cabinets is in greyish beige, white glossy finish is chosen for the overhead cupboards to lessen the visual mass impact and giving a sense of spaciousness.

Guest bathroom

It has a high-end contemporary look with full height Italian white marble porcelain tiles, chrome waterfall shower and massage jets.

“The high-end luxurious look and the amenities of the bathrooms resemble a 5-star hotel. It truly feels like we are on holiday and getting pampered each an everyday.”

– Mrs Client

Main bathroom

With its jacuzzi bathtub and high-quality Italian light beige porcelain tiles exude a state of indulgence and luxury. 

“I really enjoy spending time in the jacuzzi bathtub everyday since we’ve moved in. The mood and ambience of the room is so cosy and relaxing. Who would say no to this?”

– Mr Client